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Through our commitment to teamwork, integrity, and our pursuit of sports related modernization, our mission is to engage more sports enthusiasts year-round to take part in running events. Our vision is to inspire athletes and bring them opportunities to celebrate and compete in the sport of athletics.


Our organization was established in 2016 with a core focus on providing time keeping services to running events. However, the organization has evolved into an Event Management Organization, which includes the services of: Time keeping, Logistics, Event Management, Registration plus a Payments Location named ‘Patrishi Sports Store’ that is located on Mainstreet on the island of Aruba. We wished to evolve further into a national Event Management Organization that has the influence to inspire athletes of all ages to commit to their sport and challenge themselves further.


In the Year 2018, Patrishi Sports founded a National Ranking, later in 2019 a Kids Ranking was introduced. Eventually in 2021 the Youth Ranking was implemented as well. In total we have introduced 5 different Leadership Jerseys to show case our top athletes in different categories that are differentiated by the colors: Orange, Red, Blue, Green and White. The Orange Jersey is for the Overall Leader Male & Female, The Red Jersey is for the Leader of 50+, The Blue Jersey is for the Leader of U-20 in the Overall Rankings. The Green Jersey is for the leader in the Youth Ranking 14-16 years old. The White Jersey is for the Leader of the Kids Ranking. Through implementing the Ranking System and Leadership Jerseys our goal is to bring added competition to the sport of running on Aruba, in hopes of making it more engaging for athletes.


The Rankings are generated based on the results of the Patrishi-Timed running events from January 1st to Dec 31st. The point system is calculated based on the participants’ average time and the distance completed during each of these races. Participants are ranked based on Gender and Age Group categories. Our Goal for the upcoming years is to enhance the sport of Running and also to continue to promote the movement of a healthy life. To this end, we work with a large variety of Local Partners ranging from large Corporations to Non-profit Charities and Government entities.


In Aruba we are partners in more than 30 events a Year that include events of Running, Cycling and Triathlon. We are also part of International Events such as KLM Curacao Marathon, Guardian Group Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Maarten, RBC Run in Trinidad.


Last but not least, at the end of the year in December, we honor all of our Athletes that excelled during the Year through Performance or through their contribution to our Running Community at an End of The Year Ceremony.


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